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A year and a half ago, the BF and I made the most unlikely move of either of our lives. We decided to leave our families and friends and move to southern California. It’s been a real rollercoaster… I’ve been happy, scared, lonely, fascinated. The BF has been under the most stress he’s ever experienced, but he loves it. As a couple we’ve had to do a lot of growing… without friends or family here, we’ve had to be even more to each other. It’s been interesting, and though we’re too real to be ‘perfect,’ I’ve been thinking that I’m actually pretty happy in Ventura. There are still days when I miss Napa… especially when I read updates from the fam on facebook and feel left out of all the fun they’re having without me. And then little things like this happen:



Yeah, I know, it looks like a tiny black dot floating near the horizon… but trust me, it’s a dolphin! The BF and I stopped for sandwiches and then parked out at Surfer’s Point to enjoy the view. We noticed a group of pelicans diving for dinner and then there they were… a small group of dolphins feeding just offshore. Besides feeling like an idiot for leaving my brand new camera at home for the first time in weeks, it was the most exciting experience I’ve had in Ventura. Dolphins! Seriously, Napa is gorgeous and everything, but trust me when I say there are no dolphins there.

Little gifts, they’re the best kind.