… since my last post. I do this every time I start a blog. I post a couple of times, then let a few months go by. When I get around to posting again, I feel like I need to start over. Silly, no? So how about a quick recap:

  1. I finally quit smoking cigarettes. Really, truly quit – no more hiding from the BF until he starts smoking again. I do miss it sometimes, I won’t lie. It’s an ongoing process.
  2. I joined Weight Watchers in August and have lost 15 pounds so far.
  3. The BF’s dad has moved to Ventura. I love having him close by. He is currently battling a particularly mean form of prostate cancer; life is much more serious lately.

That about covers the big stuff. No need to scrap this blog and start a new one. Yay for ending my serial blog killing spree!