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When we moved to Ventura, one of the things that stuck out was how everyone & their mother wore those funny-looking snow boots. That’s what I call them, anyway. You may know them as Uggs. Didn’t matter if it was 85 degrees out, women of all ages were wandering about in those things. The BF thought that maybe they were required, perhaps some kind of Ventura uniform or dress code. I vowed I’d never give in.

Technically, I have kept my vow.

Saturday night, after a long day of alternately standing in one spot counting tiny pieces of metal and sprinting about the plant, my feet were killing me. And the BF gave me a silver box. Too tired to ask questions, I opened the box to find a pair of chocolate brown sheepskin boots. I slid them onto my tired feeties and OH THE SQUISHY, FUZZY JOY! I love them! I get it now. And I have joined the masses. Bonus? They are Costco brand, genuine sheepskin, and cost a third of the brand name Ugg boots. From what I can tell they are nearly identical, not that I care. My toes are so grateful.