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17 days of posts before I slacked off – not too shabby. Between book club and spending time with the BF, I just lost focus on my blog posts this weekend. Then last night my laptop’s hard drive warned that a failure was imminent and I should back up my data. Luckily I had done so on Saturday, because when I tried to last night it couldn’t copy my files. Still, I’m determined to finish NaBloPoMo. I’ll be putting the WordPress iPhone app to the test.

Tonight I’m packing and prepping myself, the BF and our two Tasmanian devils pugs for our road trip to Napa. We’re spending Thanksgiving with my family after a few years of staying in Ventura. It’s our first without his dad, and we’ve both been on edge. Being back home with my parents and my brother and sister will help, I think. The last time we were all together for a holiday Robert was with us. He loved my mom’s feast! Rob will be remembered fondly by everyone present this year – I’m so grateful he was a part of our lives.

So! I’ve still got a hundred little things to do before we hit the road at dark o’clock mañana. I hope everyone enjoys these next few days. Don’t let family stress you out, take lots of deep breaths, hug everyone just a bit tighter than you think you should. And let’s be safe out on those roads people, we’re each someone’s precious cargo.